How to Plan Your Friendís Baby Shower

Published: 22nd February 2012
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If you are organizing a baby shower for a friend there is a complete array of items you must nail down in advance of the party. A shower may look like a simple event, yet if you want the party to be a big hit there are certain issues you must be sure to plan for.

Choose a good location.

If the event is to be a shock you shouldn't plan to have it at the house of the mom to be. You will have to be sure that the location is sizable enough to accommodate all the guests, but not too formal. Generally these celebrations are just a group of friends getting together, so it is often better to be able to relax in someone's house or yard than have to be on your best behavior in a bistro. It's less costly too. Of course, you might require extra supplies or seating.

Obtain the centrepieces together.

You can have pink or blue developed centerpieces if you know which gender the baby is going to be, but you can also choose other neutral colors that can still fit within a baby topic. You can get ceiling streamers with baby or animal shapes cut out of them, or balloons with storks printed on them or a full host of other decorations ranging from humorous and cute to classy and high priced.

Provide some nosh.

Be certain that there is some kind of meal for your guests. Even if you are undertaking the party on a tight budget you will need to organize some snacks. Be certain you examine if anyone has food allergies, and if kids are coming you will need child pleasant foods as well. You will also need drinks. Determine if you feel it is right to serve alcoholic drinks when the mom to be won't be able to partake.

Be certain there is a safe area for infants to play, if moms with kids are on the guest list.

If you forget then you will have to be eternally verifying that the kids aren't' getting in to trouble or messing with items they shouldn't be.

Put together a gift list.

If you circulate a present list, once you determine which guests are coming, then you will be sure that the mom to be will not get lots of similar gifts. If you know there are things she wants, then be sure you put these on the list. Or, recommend that she plan a registry. Do your best to make sure there are cheap presents too so some people don't feel that they have to purchase something that is more expensive than they want or can afford.

Remember to send out the invitations well beforehand!

If you don't tell people when the baby shower is then all your efforts will be for naught! Or, some may have already made other plans. If you send written invites friends are much more likely to remember to attend the shower than if you just point out it in person or make a call. They will have a composed reminder that they can leave in a prominent place in their home so that they don't forget to attend!

Finally, enjoy! A baby shower is a joyous occasion so be prepared, but don't stress!

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